My Vision

My Vision

(c) Peter Ferentzy 2011



I do not foresee a world free of evil -- sorry.


But I do foresee an alternative, one that is almost as good and considerably more realistic: a process of enlightenment.


I envision a world where those who wish to hurt and degrade others are less and less able to hide behind self-righteous bullshit.


To this end, I have taken it upon myself to educate addicts and the public in general.



Whether someone pushes an addict in the direction of “hitting bottom” ...


Whether someone degrades and tortures a working girl under the pretence that she needs some kind of "lesson" ...


Whether a religious or politically motivated zealot hides behind religion or ideology to justify murder and oppression ...


My purpose will be to expose the morality play for the smokescreen that it is.



I foresee a more savy, enlightened humanity, and hence a world where bullies, thugs and rapists will find it increasingly difficult to hide behind lies.



Time to wake up


Time to get busy


Time to step up


Make ‘em go tizzy  © Peter Ferentzy 2010


(c) 2011 Peter Ferentzy, PhD, Crackhead.