Moral indignation is not the answer

Moral indignation is not the answer

(c) 2011 Peter Ferentzy, PhD, Crackhead


This is a work in progress. It's still rough. I intend to edit and to rework this piece over the next little while ... STAY TUNED!    ... In the meantime, I wish to share an incomplete work, thereby allowing you to see me in my underwear, so to speak. I guess I just want to open up to my readers, rather than offering nothing but finished products. 



I’m here to educate my people: junkies, crackheads, sluts, hos ... These are the people I care for, the people I love. Funny, but I’m at a point where, at times, that’s all I seem to care about. During such moments, every political development I observe and study, every social issue I discuss or contemplate, is seen from that vantage point: what's best for my crew?



Nietzsche took a cue from Balzac: moral indignation is just a way of showing the world your wounds. I think that's right. Anyhow, this Nietzschean crackhead has three reasons to despise what we will call the Morality Play. It’s been going on for a long time. It was born, I believe, in the hearts and minds of the wretched, the downtrodden –- the ones with a keen interest in identifying “Evil” and juxtaposing it to the “Good’. I don’t like that polarization, yet I did, in a previous passage (My Vision) refer to evil. As I see it, if evil does exist, it’s born in the hearts and minds moralistic, judgmental individuals -- the one’s who created the idea. Given what they went through, it may not be their fault. But that is not the issue.


First Reason: I am a Neitzschean with a strong contempt for asceticism and moralistic posturing.



Second Reason: I am a crackhead with a strong contempt for asceticism and moralistic posturing.



Third Reason: this crackhead knows all about being on the wrong end of moral indignation. What I don’t need is someone who gets morally indignant about the first bit of indignation –- no, lose the morality play. Moral indignation is, by its very nature, reactive. Crackheads react alright, to tragedy and rape and etc. Moral indignation is another reaction. See? We need to break the cycle.



Does this mean that morality itself is the problem rather than the solution? No. There's no getting away from morality -- it's a human need. I discuss that elsewhere on this site (Reflections and Recollections) -- seems we all have a need for righteous vindication. So what am I targeting? If a fundamentalist Christian gets upset when someone uses the F word (F for fuck), if a politically correct zealot gets upset when someone uses the F word (F for fagot) -- often we are dealing with very similar personalities. In itself, each of these F words can convey many things -- their use need not imply either a condoning of promiscuity or a contempt for gays. It really depends upon how the term is used. When the word itself is taboo, if the mere mention of the word offends -- I see a problem far more insidious than any problem those preachers would like to solve.



This is especially poignant when your agenda is to liberate crackheads, junkies, sluts and hos. Preachy, uptight bullshit -- in the media and elsewhere -- has been keeping us down, locking us up, fucking us over. I doubt that more preachiness will be the answer.



Morality of what kind? Morality without indignation? It would be, somehow: aristocratic, aloof ... Overmorality.


Time to Wake up

Time to get busy

Time to step up

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