DEALING WITH ADDICTION -- WHY THE 20th CENTURY WAS WRONG (c) 2010 Peter Ferentzy   PhD  Crackhead  ... what the experts say

DEALING WITH ADDICTION -- WHY THE 20th CENTURY WAS WRONG (c) 2010 Peter Ferentzy PhD Crackhead ... what the experts say

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“Written with passion and fiery authenticity, this fiercely honest book sucker-punches the dominant myths around addiction, replacing them with unvarnished truth and hard-won sense.” 

Gabor Maté, M.D.  Author of In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters With Addiction 


“Peter Ferentzy has been part of a strange systemthe North American addiction culture.  He lived it, studied it, and this is what he has learnedhe was involved in a self-defeating delusion.  No, not just his addictionthe entire American culture of understanding and treating alcoholism and addiction.  It is built on a mythone whose consequences are certifiably ineffective, often harmful, and yet which persists.  Not only are our notions about addiction virtually all false, but the system and its proponents fight to the end to refute and oppose a logical, superior approach built on the basics of how human beings function and improve.  We'll call this superior approach "harm reduction": what it says is that people should make the incremental improvements they can, which will allow them to improve further, and get them on a positive spiral.  (In real life, we call this "getting better.")  It's so logical, obvious, and right that we might call it the "life" approach.  And the book's style, like its content, is as clear and appealing as a bell.  We shouldn't give Peter too much credit, though.  After all, he's only telling the truth.”

Stanton Peele, Ph.D. Author of 7 Tools to Beat Addiction; creator of the Life Process Program for addiction treatment

“This book is certain to make a lot of people angry. Peter Ferentzy, who knows the truth both from personal experience and scientific evidence, exposes some of the popular myths about addicts and addictions that only serve to make these problems worse. Everyone who is concerned with addiction and its treatment should read this interesting and well written book.”

David F. Duncan, Dr.P.H. President, Duncan & Associates; Chair, Council on Illicit Drugs Policy of the National Association for Public Health Policy


“Every now and then, in every field of human endeavor, it becomes necessary to shake the foundations of the status quo to its core.  When it comes to drug addiction, Ferentzy says the time is nowand we would be wise to listen to him."

Brian C. Bennett. Retired US intelligence analyst and publisher of "truth: the Anti-drugwar"


“Finally, after decades of recovering addicts passing their personal experience off as “Truth”, and years of excellent, but sterile research divorced from real world experience, comes Peter Ferentzy. This self-proclaimed "Crackhead" manages to meld his past experience with advanced understanding of research insights to bust the harmful myths perpetuated by both clinicians and addicts. This book will be a manifesto for liberation of a generation of individuals struggling with addiction whose recovery has been stifled by destructive myths, propaganda and lies. At last, a Snopes for the urban myths of addiction!”

Jerry Costley, LCSW; Chief Operating Officer, Metamorphosis Opioid Treatment Program; Executive Director, Disabled Rights Action Committee ADAPT/Utah


This book intends to be provocative, and it is! Peter Ferentzy applies all of his experience and knowledgehead, heart and gutsto make an unrelenting case for what's wrong with how we think about addiction and what we need to do about it. You might be bothered, but you won't be bored. As you read the words that spill on the page here in a torrent of passion, you'll feel your own voice rising up, either to cheer or dispute what is said. Either way, Ferentzy has delivered his message, making the need to talk openly about these things much more urgent and unavoidable.

Wayne Skinner, MSW. Deputy Clinical Director, Addictions Program, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Toronto, Canada


“Clear and uncompromising analysis, and a vision for the future, from a crackhead turned philosopher and political scientist. Ferentzy hopes to do for addicts what Martin Luther King did for blacks. He'll be just as controversial.” 

A. Tom Horvath, Ph.D., ABPP. President, SMART Recovery; Author of Sex, Drugs, Gambling & Chocolate: A Workbook for Overcoming Addictions