Those who've been there say ...

Those who've been there say ...


This page is special to me. I wanted to write a book that could reach the afflicted. Here, you'll find a selection of reactions suggesting that I've succeeded.


"OMG!!! i cant believe that i read all that stuff and understood it ALL!! my brain totally soaked it up!! you dont know this about me: i have never once been able to COMPREHEND anything that ive taken the time to read.....maybe little childrens books or a news paper, or a small article in a magazine, but not something as intricate as this......mostly do to my social upbringing......i have had a HARD life, and thats all im going to say right was as if you were talking directly to ME and nobody else......I AM THIS BOOK! ... holy-fuckin-shitballs-batman!!! who would"ve known that i would happen upon you while im just socializing with new people on facebook...(twighlight zone!) i seriously am at a loss for words here and im very emotional and crying a little going to take a little time now to process some of this information....sorry you had to go through all the nasty crap in your life...i CAN definately RELATE!" ...................julie arnesen buzay



"jus finished reading ur book, hats off 2 u ... 4 ur in speaking ur truths...........simply amazing, outstanding,very insightful & informative, great book all the around, way 2 go ...  u r the bomb...WOOT WOOT............." T.


"I finished the book and I really loved it, it took a lot of fear out of me". P.  


"if using street language is necessary to hammer home a point, then so be it.  Peter, you are a bad motherfucker". J.


"Peter: I just wanted to let you know that thoroughly enjoyed your book. I can personally attest to the validity of the points you write about. I have argued these points myself to deaf ears unfortunately. A little background on myself. I have been sober about 2 1/2 years ...  Unfortunately, in the professional world, abstinence is the gold (the only) standard. Basically its one strike and your out if you are being monitored.I should state that all BONs mandate 12 step attendance as part of the participants consent agreement (along with random UDS). I have spoken openly about the alternative groups available (SMART, Life-ring.....). I was removed from my duties as a consequence of stating online that there are other ways to get and stay sober that the dare I!!!!!!! I have been told that I cannot stay sober unless I attend a 3-4 month rehab. I have been told that people cannot get sober without the steps. I have been told that my thoughts are dangerous to newcomers. As I sat in IOP a little voice inside my grew and grew to a point where I said to myself that this stuff there teaching me is crap ...  I will try to get the word out and have people read your book." D. 


"To me methadone was a wonder drug. It completely removed my desire to use at all once I got on a sufficient dose ... certainly helped, and probably even made my recovery possible, that I did have a good social standing and support at the time which I had not had before." J


“I'd like to write to you again about my experiences in treatment Hell and with physicians and psychiatrists and 12 Steppers urging me to go out to crash to a lower bottom … How it led to losing more years of my life and almost led to my death if I wasn't such an endurance runner. I've been alone (or "isolating" if you use AA-speak) for over a decade with my opinions against the mainstream about addiction. Until I read an excerpt of your book last night … You are welcome to copy and paste anything I send you. I don't mind if you use my real name … Just wanted you to know your audience received your message loud and clear and was moved by it, appreciates your time, energy, passion, knowledge and compassion! Thank you Peter.”  H.