THE ACTION FACTION (c) 2011 Peter Ferentzy PhD Crackhead


Today, the Action Faction is just an  idea –- but an idea with history on its side.  


Drug addiction is, first and foremost, not a moral issue, a public health issue, or a recovery issue. Of course it is all of those things –- but above all it is a political issue. Like gays, blacks and others, drug addicts need a political center. We need to back each other. We need to organize. Time was, few would have thought that gays could do it, but they did. We can! And we must: drug addicts are the only group said to benefit from degradation, suffering, rape and worse -- “hitting bottom” is what it’s usually called.  This one lie has been used to justify most any type of tragedy that might befall a drug addict. 



Addicts are not the only oppressed group, but they are the only remaining group deemed to benefit from degradation. While “hitting bottom” is the term applied to addicts, the line of thinking is not new. In fact, it is very old. Not long ago children were said to benefit from beatings and insults (spare the rod, spoil the child), wives too (“a beating will set her straight”). But also blacks, gays, the mentally ill, the developmentally challenged -- in one way or another, the official line was that certain people require, or even need, abuse. While the groups mentioned are still often targets, at least the official line has changed. Aside from addicts no other group -- ethnic, sexual or other –- is said to require degradation as a means to improvement. The Western Enlightenment project has involved doing away with such attitudes, and we addicts represent something special for this reason. In the modern West’s long and torturous struggle for freedom, dignity, and equity, drug addiction might be the last frontier.


Our goal is to spread the word, educate addicts and others ready to learn, and step up to those who will not learn: We will fight you. We will defeat you –- and history will judge you harshly



Time to wake up

Time to get busy

Time to step up

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